Make sure you bring the kids out on these trips. They have a blast!
Here’s Parker with big bug of the night honors from Sunday nights trip.

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Saturday 11/2/13

We are only concerned with quality here on the Gail Force!
Shorts? They don’t count!

Want to have a great chance at catching a once in a lifetime bug? Nows your chance!
We had two over 10lbs Friday night and some very nice quality bugs last night.
Don’t get me wrong, the crawl is still on the slow side (most likely due to the AWSOME weather we are having) but the chance at the biggest bug you may ever see is GREAT!
Here is Zoey Lynch, Pam Sharp, Caroline Sharp and Charlie Elson with there big bugs of the night for Saturday night.

The Gail Force has just added some additional open party dates for November and December. Check out the website at www.gailforcesportfishing.com for the most up to date schedule.