Good Signs!!

Had one of our GREAT regular groups out today. They wanted to stick to the kelp lines to see what they could do. It ended up being an ok day for them despite only having big sardine and frozen squid.
The calico bass wanted to bite a bit, the only problem was the 14 inch bass didn’t, which made for some fun action but not much to put in the sacks.
Capt Bryan did find an
Area with good condition and clean water, shortly after anchoring up he found a beautiful 20# white seabass on the deck.
They ended the day with 1 White Sea bass, 1 giant cabazon, 14 sheepshead, 9 whitefish and 7 sculpin. Not to mention the numerous half moon perch and 12 inch bass that were released.
Our $1300 Catalina Special is
Still on along with our $1000 twilight special.
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Beautiful Weather and Great Fishing

Another great day of fishing aboard the Gail Force at Catalina Island. Bottom fishing still the best way to fill the bags. We did fish a few kelp lines today to keep them honest and although we are seeing improved life they just aren’t ready yet. Our group ended the day with 150 rockfish, 42 salmon grouper, 10 big sheepshead, 10 reds, 4 sculpin and 1 calico bass.
We will be out on Tuesday with a group that strictly wants to fish the kelp lines, we will keep you posted on what we find.






Nice Day at the Island

Fished Catalina Island yesterday on a private charter. Conditions were pretty bad but we still put together a nice day of fishing. 16 anglers caught 91 rock fish, 12 reds, 27 grouper, 23 whitefish and 2 sculpin. Nothing going on in the kelp lines yet but with the water temps between 61.5 and 63 degrees it shouldn’t be long before the bass and other surface fish start to become active.